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LiteStart offers a large variety of different accessories to fit all budgets and designs. Our accessories include:

Keyless pads

Just punch in the personally chosen code and enter.

The KEYLESS PAD or Keypad is used to open or close gates without the need for any keys or remote controls. The activation of the gate is done by keying in your own secret 4 digit code.

You (or us) can change the code at any time.

A KEYLESS PAD is usually combined with other activating devices such as remote control and push buttons.

Keyless pads are applicable for:

Safety Infrared

Safety beams detect anything that may block the gates path (recommended)

Infra Red Safety Devices, also known as Photo Beams or Safety Beams, use an infra red beam to detect whether there are any objects that are blocking the gate's closing path.

If an object is detected while the gate is closing then the gate stops closing and re-opens. Once the object is removed from the gate's path the gate will close again.

If an object is in the gate's closing path when the 'open' command is activated (through a remote control or push button for example) then the gate will not close until that object is removed.

Safety beams are often combined with other devices such as Keyless Pads and Intercoms to facilitate a safer and more secure use of the automatic gates.

Safety Beams are recommended for both domestic and commercial uses.

Infra Red Safety Devices are applicable for:


Be able to see and speak with the person that's at your gate

Intercom systems allow you to speak to and see anyone that is waiting at your gate. There is a large variety of intercoms to fit all requirments and budgets. Models range from basic voice only options right through to full audio and video with colour screen displays.

Intercom systems also enable you to remotely open the gate. This is done by simply pressing a button.

Our new line of GSM Intercoms directly calls your mobile phone. No need to install any hardware in the house, your visitor simply presses the button at your gate which automatically calls your phone. You can also easily open the gate for your visitor by simply pressing the hash key!

Intercom system can be combined with other accessories and activiation systems such as remote controles and keyless pads.

Intercom systems are applicable for:

Auto Locks

Automatically locking your gate once its shut as an increased security measure. This options does not require any manual intervention.

Solar Panels

Many of our gates can be operated by clean solar energy. Can also be a cheaper option if mains power is far.

Security boxes

Security covering for equipment to disallow tempering or theft.

Auto Vehicle exit

Installing the Automatic Vehicle Detection allows for automatic entry or exit of vehicles.

Push buttons

Install a push button in your home or office to remotely open the gate.

External Aerials

Increase the reliability and effectiveness of your remote control by installing an external aerial

Mobile Gate Control

Our new line of GSM equipment allows you to open the gate by simply calling it from your mobile!